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1. Place your campaign order.

2. Cammo recieves your music.

3. Promotion start within 24 hours.

4. Enjoy your Promotion!😀

TWINCIDI testimonial about cammo network

Cammo Network is the best promo service i've ever found. Great results & friendly team. Invest in your music career!

music promotion review

Back For More! Thx @cammonetwork

online music marketing review

Fantastic help for our entire artist roster & new releases. That instant boost on releaseday does magic. If you're a label like us. It's a must have!

Kyle James

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Deep Root | Music PR

Deep Root Records
"Their pitching+ service has garnered an immense amount of fans, streams & expanded our exposure to the industries top artists such as KREAM, Kaskade, and other alike. I highly recommend their services"

Deep Root Records
Chris Mørgan

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Chris Mørgan Music Promotion

Chris Mørgan
“The team at Cammo are extremely professional, responsive and resourceful with their campaigns. All playlist placements are relevant, effective and perfectly aligned musically. The real deal!”


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Blines | About Music Promotion

''Outstanding experience with Cammo, they went way above my expectations. Solid promotion and communication all the way. I can only recommend them for your advertising campaigns!''

Simple Music Promotion Services


Experience the power of simple yet effective music promotion services. From Spotify promotion to YouTube Music Video Ads and TikTok Influencer Pitching, we've got you covered. Promote your music with ease and efficiency.

Music Promotion Campaigns

fast delivery

We prioritize speed, launching all campaigns within 24 hours. Experience quick results & speedy support whenever you need assistance.

Music Promotion Services


Through strategic targeting, years of experience, and data-driven insights, we deliver a powerful promotion that resonates with your audience. From custom tailored advertising to organic growth strategies, we ignite your music's potential, ensuring maximum visibility, engagement, and success.

Organic Music Promotion - Organic Spotify Promotion

Real results

We believe in cultivating organic results. Our clients' success stems from authentic connections, genuine engagement, and strategic promotion. Through in-depth targeting, compelling music, and a focus on building loyal fanbases, we nurture the growth of your music career

Cammo Network | Promote Your Music


Run Spotify ''Sponsored'' Ads inside Spotify for your Artist profile

Spotify Ads - Promote your music on Spotify

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