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Album Booster+

Album Booster+

SKU: 694689
$556.00 Regular Price
$399.00Sale Price

The package for Album & EP's.

Split 600K of playlist reach between songs of your new Album or EP.


- Split package between 4-8 tracks.

- Genre specific.
- 4 week campaign.

- Premium promo campaign.
- Best performing playlists.



With Album Booster+, you can effectively promote your album or EP by splitting 600K playlist reach between your tracks. This ensures that each song receives genre-specific exposure to a wide and engaged audience. Whether you have 4 or 8 tracks, we tailor the campaign to suit the unique requirements of your album or EP.

Our 4-week campaign is designed to provide sustained and targeted promotion for your album. We utilize strategies to maximize your visibility and attract new listeners. By securing placements in the best performing playlists, we enhance your album's discoverability and increase its chances of reaching the right audience.

Promoting an album or EP requires a comprehensive strategy, and Album Booster+ is here to assist you. Let Cammo Network be your partner in elevating your album, guiding you on how to promote your album effectively, and maximizing your exposure on Spotify.


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