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Playlist Pitching+

Playlist Pitching+

SKU: 653446

We're pitching & trading your music into the biggest EDM & House curators on Spotify.

Only 2-4 spots avalable each week. Normal results are between 2K-10K daily streams.


Please submit your demo to: before purchasing.

Only House & EDM music: Deep House, Future House, Electro House, Bass House, Slap House etc.




Looking to make a significant impact with your EDM and House music on Spotify? Playlist Pitching+ by Cammo Network is the perfect solution. We specialize in pitching and trading your tracks to the most influential curators in the EDM and House genres, ensuring your music gets the exposure it deserves.

Why choose our Playlist Pitching+ service?

Targeted Promotion: Our focus is on the biggest EDM and House curators on Spotify, ensuring that your music reaches the right audience who are passionate about these genres.

Impressive Results: With only 2-4 spots available each week, we prioritize quality over quantity. Our clients typically experience daily streams ranging from 2K to 10K, generating significant traction for their tracks.


Before making a purchase, we encourage you to submit your demo to This step ensures that your music aligns with our criteria, guaranteeing the best possible outcome for your campaign.


Please note that our Playlist Pitching+ service is exclusively designed for House and EDM music. We accept subgenres such as Tech House, Techno, Progressive House, Trance, Dance Pop and more.

Trust Cammo Network for specialized music promotion and marketing campaigns tailored to EDM and House genres. Amplify your reach and unlock new opportunities for your music career today.


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