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Playlist Pitching - Amplify Your EDM & House Music Reach on Spotify

Playlist Pitching+

SKU: 653446

Pitch your music to the best curators on Spotify. Introducing our Playlist Pitching+ service, a playlist pitching solution designed to promote your music on Spotify effectivly. We specialize in pitching, trading, and swapping your tracks with the most influential curators, labels, artists and influencer playlists on Spotify.

- Playlist Pitching for your track on a selected Friday.
- Be in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th priority spot on our pitching priority list.

Here's how it works:

  • Pitching Strategy: We strategically pitch your music to curators of Dance and Electronic related playlists, aiming for placements in playlists on Spotify.  We incentivize placements through trades so that the curators get to place their new music in our playlists.

  • Playlist Support: If the curators like what they hear, your track has the potential to be supported in their playlists on Spotify.

  • Industry Recognition: With our Playlist Pitching+ service, you can expect to garner industry recognition and support from massive playlists, A-list DJ's or major labels, boosting your credibility and exposure in the EDM music scene.

Why choose our Pitching+ service?

  • Targeted Promotion: We focus on the largest EDM and House curators on Spotify, ensuring your music reaches the right audience passionate about these genres.


  • Impressive Results: With only 2-4 spots available each week, we prioritize quality over quantity, delivering daily streams that generate significant traction for your tracks.
  • Organic Promotion: Our pitching process is tailored to maximize your track's visibility and engagement, providing it with the best chance to organically attract listeners and increase streaming numbers.

Before purchasingsubmit your demo to to ensure your music aligns with our criterias, guaranteeing the best outcome for your campaign.

At Cammo Network, we're committed to offering the best "bang for buck" service for Playlist Pitching online. Trust us to secure big playlist features for your music! Explore more about our Spotify Playlist Pitching services


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