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Promote your music on Spotify with Playlisting Platinum, featuring your tracks in 10-14 playlists for maximum exposure

Playlisting Platinum

SKU: 112340
$209.00 Regular Price
$159.00Sale Price

Introducing Playlisting Platinum, the ultimate playlist promotion solution for maximizing your music's exposure on Spotify. With this top-tier package, your track will be featured in 10-14 carefully curated playlists for an four week period. Garnering the highest ratings among our playlisting options, Playlisting Platinum ensures unparalleled visibility and engagement for your music.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Features in Ten to Fourteen Spotify Playlists: Your track will be showcased in about 10-14 large Spotify playlists, chosen to align with your music's genre, style, and mood.


  • Four Weeks of Spotify Promotion: Enjoy an 4-week promotion period, allowing your music to resonate with playlist audiences and gain substantial traction over time.


  • Top Ten Placement: Secure top placements within each playlist from start, ensuring prime visibility and engagement throughout the entirety of your promotional campaign.

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