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Playlist Pitching Pro - Pitch Your Music to Playlists on Spotify

Playlist Pitching Pro

SKU: 753446

Pitch your music into the best Spotify Playlists. Introducing Playlist Pitching Pro, the ultimate upgrade from Playlist Pitching+ for top-tier music promotion! Your track will receive top priority throughout the pitching process, ensuring maximum exposure to influential curators, labels, and DJs on Spotify. Plus, you'll receive enhanced support in our own playlists and additional resources compared to our Pitching+ package.

- Playlist Pitching for your track on a selected Friday.
- Be in the 1st priority spot on our pitching priority list.

- Get featured in our in-house Spotify playlists for 4 weeks.


Here's how it works:

  • Pitching Priority: Your music is pitched as our top priority, increasing its chances of securing placements in high-profile playlists on Spotify. We focus on the largest EDM and House curators, ensuring that your tracks reach the right audience.
  • In-House Playlist Support: Gain additional exposure with placements in 10-15 large in-house playlists.
  • Industry Recognition: Playlist Pitching Pro provides your music with the opportunity to gain industry recognition and support from major playlisters, A-list DJs, and major labels. This recognition further boosts your credibility and exposure in the Electronic music scene.

Before purchasing, submit your demo to to ensure that your music aligns with our criteria, guaranteeing the best outcome for your campaign.

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