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Playlist Pitching Pro

Playlist Pitching Pro

SKU: 753446

An ''Pro'' upgraded version of Pitching+ for the best music!

Your track will have the number.1 priority along the pitch & we will make sure you receive additionall support compared to ''Pitching+''

Run a proper marketing campaign with us, expect outstanding results & major support. We're pitching & trading your music into well-known curators, labels & DJ's on Spotify. This ''Pro'' package includes internal 150K+ reach playlist-support on top of that.


Please submit your demo to: before purchasing.

All House/ EDM/ Electronic genres & subgenres accepted.




Take your music promotion to the next level with Playlist Pitching Pro by Cammo Network. This premium package is the ultimate choice for artists seeking exceptional results and unparalleled support.

Why choose Playlist Pitching Pro?

Top Priority Pitching: Your track receives number one priority throughout the pitching process, maximizing its chances of reaching well-known curators, labels, and DJs on Spotify. We go the extra mile to ensure your music stands out from the crowd.

Enhanced Support: Our team provides additional support and guidance to elevate your marketing campaign. We understand the importance of a comprehensive approach, and we're committed to helping you achieve outstanding results.

Internal 150K+ Reach Playlist-Support: In addition to the benefits of Playlist Pitching+, Playlist Pitching Pro includes access to our internal playlist-support with a reach of over 150K. This adds an extra layer of exposure, giving your music a significant boost.

Please note that Playlist Pitching Pro accepts all House, EDM, and Dance genres and subgenres. We welcome a diverse range of musical styles within these categories.

Ready to experience the power of Playlist Pitching Pro? Submit your demo to before making a purchase, ensuring that your music meets our criteria for this exclusive package.

Trust Cammo Network for premium music promotion and marketing campaigns. Elevate your music career and receive the recognition it deserves with Playlist Pitching Pro.


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