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Music Promotion
Bundle Packs

Our bundle packages offer a comprehensive solution for music promotion, combining SoundCloud and Spotify promotion for multiple tracks. Our packages are designed to increase your plays, followers, and overall engagement on both platforms, helping you reach a wider audience and grow your fanbase.

Our team of experts will create custom campaigns that are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring maximum exposure for your music. Whether you're a budding artist or an established performer, our bundle packages are the perfect solution for your music marketing needs.

Music Promotion Bundles


Discover our three selected, popular music promotion bundle campaigns - handpicked by our team:

Promote your music on SoundCloud & Spotify for Cheap rates


  • Your track will be reposted across SoundCloud by our 40-80 network partners, amplifying its visibility and engagement within the SoundCloud community.

  • Your track will be featured in 2 curated Spotify playlists for enhanced visibility and reach among listeners on the platform for 2 weeks.

Music Promotion Deals


  • Your track, playlist, or album will be reposted and liked between 40 to 80 times across SoundCloud by our in-house network partners. We will also run stream boosting ads campaign that will generate around 3-5K of new plays. On top of that, we will initiate trades with other repost networks, ensuring your music is reposted by more profiles on SoundCloud.

  • Your track will be prominently featured in 8 Spotify playlists, each selected to match your music's genre, style, and mood. These placements will generate 4 weeks of playlist promotion.

Promote your album or ep on Spotify


  • Your selected tracks of the Album or EP will be featured inside Spotify Playlists for 4 weeks.

  • Experience around 20 Spotify playlist features split across 4-8 selected tracks.

  • Boost your music's reach organically, gain new potential fans, and higher plays as your music gains traction and recognition in large Spotify playlists.

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