FAQ – 10 Common Questions

Witch playlists will I be in?
We determine the playlists that is best for your style of music & that will generate you the most amount of engagement for your music. We’re always making sure you as a client gets the most out of our promos.

Is it a Top.10 placement?
Yes, it is! We place your music top.10 in the playlist(s) once we launch the promo. You will move down gradually in placements as the campaign goes by. The ‘’Pro’’ campaigns will though place your Top.10 once again after half the campaign has passed.

How long will my tracks be in the Playlists?
It depends, our normal packages deliver 4 weeks of playlisting. We also have ‘’+’’ & ‘’pro’’ campaigns that offers extended duration of 6 + 8 weeks.

Can I order multiple packages for one track?
In some cases, yes! It depends on your style of music & the packages you choose. Please contact us beforehand so we can make sure you are eligible for this.

I ordered wrong package. Can I switch it do a similar budget one?
Yes that works completely fine, we can customize & adjust your package if you made a mistake.

Can I purchase campaigns before my music is released?
Yes of course, we will make sure to launch your campaigns asap once you send us the track link(s)

What number of streams will I receive from the campaign?
We do organic promotions & do not sell specific amounts of streams or fixed numbers. However, from running campaigns in different styles since 2014 we have a pretty good rough estimation of what your track could perform for per package. We try & optimize each promo for best possible engagement per campaign!

Can I get more information regarding your services?
Yes of course, please reach out via promo@cammonetwork.com with your budgets & goals. We can setup a plan together that will fit your music & goals the best.

Do you use PayPal?
We do not use PayPal unfortunately! All payments are hosted via Stripe payments www.stripe.com which is completely secure & one of the largest fintech companies globally. We can also arrange bank-transfers or company invoices per demand.

What clients do you work with?
Because of Privacy we do not share client information except those who are mentioned & hyperlinked on our website www.cammonetwork.com – if you can’t display them on your mobile, try & witch to your web browser on the computer.

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