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FAQ – 10 Common Questions

Which playlists will I be in?
We determine the playlists that are best for your style of music & that will generate you the most amount of engagement for your music. We’re always making sure you as a client get the most out of our promos.

Is it a Top.10 placement?
Yes, it is! We place your music top.10 in the playlist(s) once we launch the promo. You will move down gradually in placements as the campaign goes by. The ‘’Pro’’ campaigns will place your Top.10 once again after half the campaign has passed.

How long will my tracks be in the Playlists?
It depends, our normal packages deliver 4 weeks of playlisting. We also have ‘’+’’ & ‘’pro’’ campaigns that offer extended duration of 6 + 8 weeks.

Can I order multiple packages for one track?
In some cases, yes! It depends on your style of music & the packages you choose. Please contact us beforehand so we can make sure you are eligible for this.

I ordered the wrong package. Can I switch it to a similar budget one?
Yes that works completely fine, we can customize & adjust your package if you made a mistake.

Can I purchase campaigns before my music is released?
Yes of course, we will make sure to launch your campaigns asap once you send us the track link(s)

What number of streams will I receive from the campaign?
We do organic promotions & do not sell specific amounts of streams or fixed numbers. However, from running campaigns in different styles since 2014 we have a pretty good rough estimation of what your track could perform for per package. We try & optimize each promo for the best possible engagement per campaign!

Can I get more information regarding your services?
Yes of course, please reach out via with your budgets & goals. We can set up a plan together that will fit your music & goals the best.

Do you use PayPal?
We do not use PayPal unfortunately! All payments are hosted via Stripe payments which is completely secure & one of the largest fintech companies globally. We can also arrange bank-transfers or company invoices per demand.

What clients do you work with?
Because of Privacy we do not share client information except those who are mentioned & hyperlinked on our website – if you can’t display them on your mobile, try & switch to your web browser on the computer.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my music for consideration?
You can submit your music by email to or by visiting our website and following the submission guidelines provided. Make sure to provide accurate information about your track.

What genres do you specialize in for playlist promotions?
We work with a wide range of genres. Our team will assess your music and suggest playlists that align with your genre and target audience.

Are the playlists curated or algorithmically generated?
Our playlists are carefully curated by our team to ensure a genuine and engaging listening experience for the audience.

Can I track the progress of my campaign?
Yes, we provide all relevant details on the start of your campaign, including placement details and in some cases engagement metrics & reports. Spotify-wise - You'll always have access to the dashboard in Spotify for Artists to monitor the progress.

Do you offer any guarantees for increased followers or engagement?
While we optimize campaigns for the best possible engagement, we cannot guarantee specific numbers. Results may vary based on factors like music genre and audience preferences. In some cases - like in the Spotify Ad Campagns, or via the YouTube Ad Campaigns we can privide estimations of how the campaigns will perform.

What makes your promotional services different from others?
Our focus on personalized playlist placements, organic promotion strategies, personal + fast customer support and years of experience in the industry set us apart. We prioritize quality engagement over artificial metrics.

Are there any restrictions on the content of the submitted music?
We reserve the right to refuse promotions for tracks that violate our content guidelines. This has never happened before so you won't have to worry about this (hopefully)

Can I use your services for multiple tracks within the same campaign?
That depends, you can not split multiple tracks with promotion campaigns where this is not stated in the product description specifically. Contact us for more information and to discuss the details.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders or recurring campaigns?
We have special packages and discounts available for bulk orders or recurring campaigns. Reach out to us for a customized plan that suits your needs.

What happens if my track gets removed from a playlist during the campaign?
If your track is removed from a playlist for any reason/ error, we will take prompt action to address the issue. We aim to maintain consistent placements throughout the campaign duration.


How soon can I expect to see results after launching a campaign?
Results may vary, but you can generally expect to see initial placement within a few days of the campaign launch. Spotify for Artists updates stats with a 24-48h delay & refreshes once a time per day. We continuously monitor and optimize campaigns for the best results.

What information do you need from me when I submit my music?
When submitting your music, please provide essential details such as the track link, genre, and any specific preferences or goals you have for the campaign.

Are there any geographic restrictions for your promotional services?
We cater to a global audience and do not impose specific geographic restrictions. Our campaigns are designed to reach diverse audiences worldwide.

What happens if my music doesn't perform as expected during the campaign?
While we strive for optimal results, individual track performance can vary. If your expectations are not met, we offer consultations to understand your goals better and adjust strategies accordingly.

Can I cancel a campaign once it has started?
Once a campaign has started, cancellations are not typically accepted. However, we understand that circumstances may arise, and we are open to discussing options on a case-by-case basis.

How can I contact customer support during the campaign?
Our customer support team is available via email at Please reply to the order email-chain & include your campaign details for a quicker response.

Are there any specific requirements for the audio quality of submitted tracks?
We recommend submitting tracks with high-quality audio to ensure the best listening experience for our audience. Low-quality submissions may be subject to review.

Do you work with independent artists as well as record labels?
Yes, we work with both independent artists and record labels. Our promotional strategies are tailored to suit the needs of a diverse range of music creator

What is the difference between the "+'' and "Pro" campaigns?
The "+'' and "Pro" campaigns offer extended durations and additional features compared to our standard packages. The "Pro" campaign, in particular, includes a second Top.10 placement halfway through the campaign.

How do you select playlists for my music, and can I suggest specific playlists for placement?Our experienced team assesses your music style and audience demographics to select relevant playlists. While we primarily curate placements, you can suggest specific playlists, and we'll do our best to accommodate your preferences based on the suitability for your genre and target audience.


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