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The Evolution of Music Royalties: How Streaming Changed the Game

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

How streaming services have impacted the music industry and how royalties are distributed to artists.

The rise of streaming services has completely changed the way we consume music, and with it, the way artists are compensated for their work. In this blog post, we will explore how streaming services have impacted the music industry and how royalties are distributed to artists.

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In the past, music royalties were primarily generated through the sale of physical copies of albums, such as CDs and vinyl records. This meant that artists would receive a percentage of the profits made from the sale of their music. However, with the rise of digital music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, the landscape of music royalties has shifted dramatically.

Streaming services have become the dominant way that people listen to music. In fact, in 2020, streaming accounted for 85% of the music industry's revenue. With streaming services, listeners can access millions of songs instantly and for a fraction of the cost of purchasing physical copies of music. However, this shift in how people consume music has had a major impact on how artists are compensated for their work.

When a song is streamed on a platform like Spotify, the artist receives a fraction of a cent per stream. This is a far cry from the royalties generated from the sale of a physical album, which could be several dollars per sale. While streaming services have made music more accessible to listeners, they have also made it more difficult for artists to earn a living from their music.

To combat this, artists have turned to other revenue streams, such as touring and merchandise sales. Additionally, some artists have taken a more DIY approach to music production and promotion, which allows them to retain more control over their revenue streams.

Streaming services have also led to changes in how royalties are distributed to artists. In the past, royalties were primarily paid out to record labels, who then distributed the money to artists. However, streaming services now pay royalties directly to artists, which has led to a shift in power dynamics in the music industry.


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