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A New & Requested Label Deal - Ads for Spotify.

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

We've rolled out a new label deal. Enjoy Spotify ads for your artist catalogue on a monthly basis. Once you sign up we will promote your entire artist catalogue recurrently every month.

Select your key locations (countries or cities) & expect around 10K+ of new plays. Our Spotify Ads targets people that listen to similar music as you release. The ads inside the spotify app will get to your general artist profile so streams will be spread throughout your whole track-list of released tracks. This method is used by A-list artists, Managements & Record labels. It's a must-have for the aspiring artist in 2023. Our label deals can be canceled at any time without any further notice. But the goal is to work long-term & build a solid relation between us as a marketing provider & you as an artist for years ahead. The pricing of this service is 299$/ month.

label deal by cammo network | promote your music for your record label

Sign up for the label deal ''Spotify Ads'' below:


We offer Music Promotion Services

We offer music promotion, pr services & marketing for Independent Artists, Record Labels, Agencies & Managements. Run Ads on Spotify with us, Pitch your music to playlist curators or run in-house playlisting. We have all solutions to make you grow your online presence.

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