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Run Spotify Ads for your Music!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Run ads inside the Spotify App & target new fans, gain streams & go viral in the music industry!

We offer 2x campaigns for different budgets. This includes marketing for the entire artist profile/ or a specific track of yours. With this campaign you can even choose your own targeted locations around the world!

Campaigns: Spotify Ad+ $$ Spotify Ad Pro $$$

Who does Spotify Ads target?

This campaign is very ''smart'' & will directly target users on spotify that listens to similar artists as your own music. This means you will target new potential fans & it's a very good tool to build a potential fan-base.

spotify ads

Key Locations

With our Spotify ads you can target key locations as countries & cities that are most important to your music. You can limit it down to very specific regions or do a more broad based campaign, whatever suits your style of music the best!

Custom budgeting

No goals are too large to reach, we are open to custom campaign budgets on Ad campaigns & we've launched campaigns for over 10M of streams to one track!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Order your Spotify Ad campaign on our website:

  2. Include your track link or artist profile in the order notes.

  3. Our campaign manager will reach out to you within 24h to prepare details about your ads.

  4. Enjoy 4 weeks of new fans discovering your music.

YouTube Music Video Ads

Just as for Spotify, we have the same kind of option to run ads for your music video inside YouTube. Target fans of your music style & on your most important locations around the world. Gain plays & potential new comments, subscribers, likes & more! Music Vide Ads - Campaigns: YouTube Ad+ $$ YouTube Ad Pro $$$


We offer Music Promotion Services

We offer music promotion, pr services & marketing for Independent Artists, Record Labels, Agencies & Managements. Run Ads on Spotify with us, Pitch your music to playlist curators or run in-house playlisting. We have all solutions to make you grow your online presence.

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