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Spotify Playlist Pitching

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

A case study/ story about Playlist Pitching on Spotify. John launched his latest album on Spotify, he realized he needed to boost his presence on the platform to reach more listeners. He decided to collaborate with Cammo Network, a company that specializes in playlist pitching campaigns, to promote his music on Spotify.

John began his campaign with Cammo Network by selecting a target audience and outlining his goals. He wanted to increase his Spotify streams, gain more followers, and ultimately increase his revenue. Cammo Network provided John with a dedicated account manager who worked closely with him throughout the campaign.

''We're pitching & trading your music into the biggest EDM & House curators on Spotify.''

To start, John's account manager created a customized pitch to promote his music to Spotify playlist curators. They also helped John to identify the best playlists for his music based on his genre and audience. Cammo Network then submitted John's songs to over 300+ playlist curators, including those with large followings and engaged audiences.

John received regular updates on the campaign's progress, including the number of playlist placements, the number of streams, and the growth of his follower base. Within the first week, John's songs were added to over 40 playlists, with a total of 100,000+ playlist followers.

playlist pitching to djs and curators on spotify

As the campaign progressed, John's music continued to be added to more playlists, and his streams increased steadily. After just four weeks, John's songs had been added to over 100 playlists, with a total of 250,000+ playlist followers. His monthly listeners on Spotify had also increased by over 200%, and he had gained over 1,000 new followers.

John was extremely pleased with the results of his campaign with Cammo Network. The company had not only helped him to reach a wider audience but had also provided him with valuable data and insights into his listeners' preferences. He was able to use this information to optimize his marketing strategy further and improve his future music releases.

''An upgraded version of Pitching+ for the best music! Your track will have the number.1 priority along the pitch & we will make sure you receive additionall support compared to ''Pitching+''

Overall, John's experience with Cammo Network was positive, and he would highly recommend their services to other independent artists looking to grow their presence on Spotify. With the help of Cammo Network, John was able to reach more listeners, increase his streams and followers, and ultimately grow his music career. To summarize: John collaborated with Cammo Network for a Spotify playlist pitching campaign. Cammo Network helped him identify target audiences, create custom pitches, and submit his songs to over 300 playlist curators. John's songs were added to over 100 playlists, with a total of 250,000+ playlist followers, and his monthly listeners on Spotify increased by over 200%. He was pleased with the results and would recommend Cammo Network to other independent artists looking to grow their presence on Spotify.


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