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TikTok Spark Ad - Promote Your Music on TikTok

TikTok Spark Ad

SKU: 344900

TikTok Music Promotion just got easy, and to a cheap price. Boost your TikTok presence with our starter TikTok Spark Ad package. Perfect for artists looking to grow their TikTok followers and increase engagement, this package offers a short but impactful ad campaign on TikTok targeting a single video of the profile. Tip: Showcase your latest release!


With the TikTok Spark Ad, your chosen video will receive focused promotion for 1-2 days, ensuring maximum visibility and potential for following growth. While the ad runs for a brief period, its impact on your TikTok presence can be substantial.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Advertising: We'll run targeted ads specifically for your chosen video, aimed at growing your followers and increasing engagement. Gain around 2-4K of new views & 100-200 of new followers.


  • Short Duration: The ad campaign will run for 1-2 days, providing a burst of promotion to boost your TikTok presence.

  • Increased Visibility: Gain exposure to a wider audience, attracting new followers and engagement on your TikTok account.

Take your TikTok profile to the next level with our TikTok Spark Ad package. Learn more about our TikTok promotion packages here.


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