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Rockstar Package - Our Most Premium Music PR Campaign and Music Promotion Service

Spotify Rockstar Promotion

SKU: 119931
$4,490.00 Regular Price
$3,290.00Sale Price

Spotify Rockstar Promotion, our premier music promotion campaign designed for artists with higher goals. Experience the pinnacle of music promotion as we deploy our extensive in-house and industry playlisting network, collaborating with top playlist curators, promotion platforms, and agencies to secure playlist placements for your track, reaching millions of potential fans across your genre.

But that's not all. We also allocate a dedicated budget for Sponsored Spotify Ads, ensuring your music gains significant traction with an estimated surge of 250K+ new streams over a 4-week period. Tailor your target locations globally by cities or countries, and target similar major artists' listeners.

Here's what you'll get:


  • Comprehensive Promotion: Experience the ultimate music promotion campaign designed for ambitious artists like you.

  • In-House & Industry Playlisting: Utilize our extensive network to secure placements in top-tier playlists and reach millions of potential fans across various genres.

  • Sponsored Spotify Ads: Allocate a dedicated budget to run targeted ads, driving over 250K new streams to your track within a 4-week period. Choose specific cities or countries to target.

  • Playlist Inclusions: Expect placement in over 30-40+ playlists, generating amazing daily streams over a 4-week period.


Become a Spotify Rockstar today and make your mark on the music scene. Discover more about our premium promotion services here and take your music career to the next level!


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