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Playlist Pitching

Playlist Pitching

SKU: 653445

We pitch your music to close partners & playlist curators in our own Spotify Network. 

- Including 2 guaranteed spots in our internal playlists.

- No guaranteed playlist adds from the pitch.

Send us an e-mail to: if you're unsure about the quallity of your music.


Are you an artist or a record label looking to enhance your music's visibility on Spotify? Our Playlist Pitching service at Cammo Network allows you to pitch your songs to carefully selected Spotify playlists, helping you reach a broader audience and increase your chances of playlist adds.

Why choose our Spotify Playlist Pitching service?

Reach a Wider Audience: Our extensive network of Spotify playlist curators and partners enables you to connect with influential tastemakers who can expose your music to new listeners.

Guaranteed Internal Playlist Spots: As part of our service, you'll receive 2 guaranteed spots in our internal playlists, providing immediate exposure to our engaged listener base.

Effective Pitching Strategies: Our experienced team understands the preferences of playlist curators and crafts personalized pitches to maximize the likelihood of your music being noticed and considered for playlist placement.

In addition to Spotify playlist pitching, we have knowledge on how to effectively pitch your songs to artists and record labels, assisting you in expanding your opportunities within the music industry.

Don't miss out on the chance to amplify your music's reach and gain valuable exposure. Contact us today to learn more about our Playlist Pitching service and how to pitch your songs effectively for optimal results. Trust Cammo Network for comprehensive music promotion and marketing campaigns.


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