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Playlist Pitching on Spotify

Playlist pitching is a valuable tool for artists looking to grow their presence on Spotify and reach new audiences. Pitching your music to curators, DJs, and labels on Spotify can benefit artists in the following ways:

Increased exposure: Pitching your music to Spotify curators, DJs, and labels can increase your visibility to potential fans, helping you build your audience.

Opportunities for playlist inclusion: If a curator, DJ, or label likes your music, they may add it to their playlist, which can expose your music to thousands of new listeners.

Networking opportunities: Pitching your music to curators, DJs, and labels can help you build relationships in the music industry, which can open doors for future collaborations and opportunities.

Improved discoverability: Being included on a popular playlist can improve your music's discoverability on Spotify, making it easier for new listeners to find and enjoy your music. ''We're pitching & trading your music into the biggest EDM & House curators on Spotify.''

Our music marketing campaigns are specifically designed to help artists increase their exposure and reach on Spotify. Our campaigns include targeted outreach to curators, DJs, and labels that are most likely to be interested in your music, increasing the chances of your music being added to popular playlists.

We create a professional and compelling presentation of your music that highlights your strengths and appeals to the taste of the target audience. Our campaigns are fully customized to your specific goals and needs, ensuring that your music is being marketed in the best way possible.

We track the results of our campaigns and provide you with detailed reports on the reach and impact of your music, so you can see the real results of our efforts.